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The EchoLogical Machine

Posted on February 1, 2007 at 4:39 PM
The 'EchoLogical Machine' is the future computers generation, capable of working in the way we have expected the industry to develop machines capable of working with us in as natural ways which we work with each other, and where there are languages we do not know but wish to communicate with people from other cultures.  The original design, is based on the original 'New Miracle Numerical Machine' which is controlled by a very simple yet extremely powerful numerical control any child can muster, in order to control very powerful automatic intelligent assistants capable or any and all natural languages communications, across all cultures and knowhow.
The design is A Trade-Secret I shall keep, and will show and tech the Development Team.  For now, all that I share, are sample of the upgrading of English and other languages into the Super Natural Languages realm, so that binary logic machines will be able to serve us much better and in the natural ways we work and communicate across cultures and worldwide.

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