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This blog, is where I keep my "BACK DOOR" Open to your www searches of new opportunities we own, YET our older drafted links are found at this old Universal HUB which is still to be found on the internet - outside and apart from our other international social networking hubs' independent from commercial clouding-services by many vendors on the yet wild world open www internet.

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Making Boats FLY & Ships SURF

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Our newest website is found here at Flying-Boats.com and is related to our corporate IP holdings.

Pre Patent Partnership Incorporated Commercial Protection

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:)GOOD NEWS The PrePatent PrePartnering Website is on line, to serve as a working model and proposed pilot project for National Economic Development initiative in any nation for its International Inventors and Investors and including all active professionals in the industry, it is beneficial for all people and companies with interests in new original arts and capabilities as products and services and science.

Here is a SAMPLE of yet Advanced New Knowledge, which has been needed for years, while the wrong solutions are still being developed by special interests groups for exploitation where no wise honorable leadership is provided — thereby, many special important opportunities which can be registered as Special and as Historic Opportunities within this better proposed automated PrePatent PrePartnering method, are being missed, as well as simple good ideas which are wanted or are needed and/or can be proposed, are not welcomed to meet respectful opportunity and too many are lost to the active selfish market monopolies.

Super Natural Language Tongue for EchoLogical Machines

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For example, here is one such special better opportunity and an important industria and economic solution, simply being missed by the whole industry and the world, just because of the existing economic development programs' and options Inventors are facing becaause of key limitations as well as the corporate greed by existing compatitors with inferior and trubeled solutions offered to the consumers.

I have provided 'A Developers' Information Website which is found  @   http://www.surfins.ca/usciiiiii/index.html  Where the USCIIIIII/usciiiiii CODE samples are found, as well as Links to Moral Design Seasonings - also found at my profile page, including the newest GOD INSTRUCTED DESIGN website information - where some of the reasoning for the Academic solution with the Lexical-code resolving the Techno-logic Problem of SynTexting EchoLogical Machines with Natural Human Logic Instructions are explained

Here is A SAMPLE you can read as Traditional English with yet more information for computers as well as people, to capture with concise comprehension, automatically.![/color]

The EchoLogical Machine

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The 'EchoLogical Machine' is the future computers generation, capable of working in the way we have expected the industry to develop machines capable of working with us in as natural ways which we work with each other, and where there are languages we do not know but wish to communicate with people from other cultures.  The original design, is based on the original 'New Miracle Numerical Machine' which is controlled by a very simple yet extremely powerful numerical control any child can muster, in order to control very powerful automatic intelligent assistants capable or any and all natural languages communications, across all cultures and knowhow.
The design is A Trade-Secret I shall keep, and will show and tech the Development Team.  For now, all that I share, are sample of the upgrading of English and other languages into the Super Natural Languages realm, so that binary logic machines will be able to serve us much better and in the natural ways we work and communicate across cultures and worldwide.

Superior Surface Effect

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Is one place to find about our Aquatic Surface Flying and Sailing technologies, employing SES Technologic Knowledge.

Our Corporate WebSite is found @ Superior Hulls Inc.

Here is our ski and sailboat, on a local lake, flying with small outboard engine.

Installing Our Fins on a boat, will make it FLY... like here as the picture shows, the cruiser is running on her keel...

The Intelligent Internet Project

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Sharing the reasons why this is the better way for Multicultural Technologic Evolution, is shared at these older websites

and also

https://surfins.ca/alohim" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">alohim

Superior Surface Effect

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Here is a very simple discovery based invention which only needs the proper commercial partner.

The Intelligent Internet Project

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Universally Intelligent Internet, in all natural languages and not only in few trading and major languages, as well as natural comunications with computers as we employ with telephones and televisions and people - naturaly and not by typing and pointing and selecting and clocking devices; are capabilities this industry has not yet mastered after more then half a century after the invention of the computer, which are the ability to listen and talk - are surpassed with my invention of the Singing and Thinking EchoLogical Machine - which is the next real effective computer generation to be develloped from my discovery and innovation.