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Pre Patent Partnership Incorporated Commercial Protection

Posted on May 2, 2010 at 9:50 PM

:)GOOD NEWS The PrePatent PrePartnering Website is on line, to serve as a working model and proposed pilot project for National Economic Development initiative in any nation for its International Inventors and Investors and including all active professionals in the industry, it is beneficial for all people and companies with interests in new original arts and capabilities as products and services and science.

Here is a SAMPLE of yet Advanced New Knowledge, which has been needed for years, while the wrong solutions are still being developed by special interests groups for exploitation where no wise honorable leadership is provided — thereby, many special important opportunities which can be registered as Special and as Historic Opportunities within this better proposed automated PrePatent PrePartnering method, are being missed, as well as simple good ideas which are wanted or are needed and/or can be proposed, are not welcomed to meet respectful opportunity and too many are lost to the active selfish market monopolies.

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