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Super Natural Language Tongue for EchoLogical Machines

Posted on February 1, 2007 at 4:40 PM

For example, here is one such special better opportunity and an important industria and economic solution, simply being missed by the whole industry and the world, just because of the existing economic development programs' and options Inventors are facing becaause of key limitations as well as the corporate greed by existing compatitors with inferior and trubeled solutions offered to the consumers.

I have provided 'A Developers' Information Website which is found  @   http://www.surfins.ca/usciiiiii/index.html  Where the USCIIIIII/usciiiiii CODE samples are found, as well as Links to Moral Design Seasonings - also found at my profile page, including the newest GOD INSTRUCTED DESIGN website information - where some of the reasoning for the Academic solution with the Lexical-code resolving the Techno-logic Problem of SynTexting EchoLogical Machines with Natural Human Logic Instructions are explained

Here is A SAMPLE you can read as Traditional English with yet more information for computers as well as people, to capture with concise comprehension, automatically.![/color]

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